Winner of the week

Aditi Sharma

"Soul painted over Canvas"

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Winner of the week

Chandramesh Singh

"A part of the existence, captured."


Winner of the week

ANiket Yamle

"I create, derive, invent meanings.

Look at the world through my words"

At Ek Art we live by a belief of promoting an artist.

Michelangelo was an artist and so was our dear Van Gogh; Charles Bukowski and Oscar Wilde were great writers, undisputedly, through the eras.

On the face of the Earth, we have seen great singers, writers, performers and artists.

Let's say Michelangelo painted a rose, a black one. Now, some of us would love it for the painting being a rose flower, some of us would like it, for it is black.

But, many doesn't like a rose. Yet? He was a great painter and always will be.

How'd you showcase your art? Maybe yours is a better version? Something that has never been seen.

"We don't believe there's hierarchy among artists."

Show that art a bit of sunshine, get it out of your closet, Share!

We even provide money for the actions. Now that's the most basic conversion, isn't it?

The Idea Behind;

The Imperfect Writer

Art has been Inspiring, Unconventional, Unrestricted.

Through the era of us humans living in the cave, before the languages were invented, the idea of expression so soulful and discreet is evident yet after thousand years, as we see the cave paintings.

The maps of the countries many years from now and the designs of the emblem that gives us an identity is also an art.

Art has been an inspiration to connect humans, together through revolutions; and the revolts of freedom.

Art has been a major extension of our lives, as we're empathetic and our emotional values put us highest amongst the beings that live.

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