About Ek-ART

Ek Art, the name means 'One Art'.

The idea of Ek Art exists to promote artists irrespective of their experience in the respective field,

or their audience base.

The website arrange equal competitions for everyone,

being transparent as you can see the no. of votes.

The voting system is open to all with a restriction of one vote per person.

 By Ek Art Team                        
Founder: Aditya Kumar           

 Web Designer: Rup Utpal Paul

Procedure to enter the competition:

  • As an artist submit his/her art; the art goes through moderation by the panel of artists working on the website

  • On selection the artist is informed through email. (The website follows first come first serve rule)

  • One round of competition runs for 10-12 days (i.e. thrice a month)

  • Submissions are accepted for the first 7 days

  • Voting lines are open till next 4 days

  • On the 12th day, the person with the most no. of votes will be announced, contacted, and will be gifted the prize money through Paytm, NEFT or PayPal

Rules & Notes:

  1. The votes from the @ekart_official instagram handle will considered, 30% of which will be added to the Website's votes to get the Final count. 

  2. There will be a total of 3 winners for now, from each section, i.e. Writings, Artwork & Motion.

  3. The submissions shouldn't be copied and the submitter should be the sole creator (In a case of plagiarism the person will be blacklisted from the website)

  4. An artist can submit 6 of their best work for one round of competition.


Word limit is 150 words. Provide Title for the piece. Do make sure the work isn't plagiarised.


The photos uploaded should be centered over the artwork while being clicked using camera.

Make sure the Image being uploaded is of High resolution.

There's big room for creativity so suitable decoration around the artwork is accepted.

The artist should have signed his/her artwork before submission.


The submissions will be made in the video form.

Any kind of dance form, song covers, original creations, acting, mimicry, drama is accepted.

Language isn't a barrier.

There's room for more in case your work doesn't fit the above description but wanders in the area of creativity.

Musically, Dubsmash, etc are not accepted.

Maximum length of the video should not exceed 1 minute 30 seconds

Minimum length of the video should be at least 30 seconds

For any queries Reach us on our Facebook page or Instagram handle

Or you can mail us at: ekart.contacts@gmail.com

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