Today, I realize what you have blessed me with,

The privileges you provided allowed me to lead a life which was blithe.

How blind was I to fail to understand?

There was an entire sea for me, but I cried over that remaining land.

Today when I see him crying for a drop,

I discern that my complains for those lands should stop.

Years that I spent satisfying my greed, Have sown in my mind, the dissatisfaction seed.

I wonder why you showered blessings on your unworthy child so much? And left your another child untouched.

Yet, I was unhappy with how things were turning out to be, Because I saw some l, accumulating more than me.

I failed to notice his life of deprivation, And continued with my sorrows of dissatisfaction.

Throughout my seemingly never ending journey, I even cursed you, Realising your discrimination, today I want to question you,

Oh God! Why does your one child get an entire sea and others not even a few drops of it ? How do you calmly watch his miseries unfold and do nothing about it? I thought about my years wasted in futile hunger,

Now how do I get out of this trap ? I wonder.

It will take me long to renounce my perpetual habit,

I might turn to ashes before I succeed in doing it.

-Deep Naik