Humanity is now insane

'No' wasn't a word but was a decision,

Probably, something they haven't listened.

Even when they weren't authorised,

Thought marriage gave them the rights.

On the day of her monthly cycle,

Usual cramps went down to be genital.

She was pushed on the bed menacingly,

Thought as an obligation towards him seemingly.

Every now and then forcible encounter betide,

And habitually The beckon of denial was denied.

Brutal love was the reason of the erotic mess,

And her acceptance for her beloved husband was absolutely Thoughtless.

It was then when she read that 'marriage collapsed','He harassed her in bed' was the reason she apprehend.

Her conscience was awaken by her intimate womanism,

Love wasn't the reason instead was a weapon for his sadistic sadism.

This time she stood firm against her debaucher mate,

Assuring that 'no' was loud, clear and heard till date.

Whenever the right to choose was availed,

Count of Victims went up to upgrade.

But Begrudging wasn't held for she decided to Fight,

Warriors are supposed to declare wars not hide their inside.

Suffrage was healed when she isolated the grime,

Serving her coequals lawfully became her focal aim.

Remember Affection would be coated with respect,

It won't be used but embraced by you and your mate.

Never go dark for your loved ones and mates,

As trusting someone is different from being eyeless and having blind faith.

Be aware of the surroundings as the world isn't the same,

Celebrate your realisation, for the humanity is now insane.

-Lovely Singhvi