Lost soul

My soul has wandered into the wild forest of your brown hair.

It has lost itself in you,

It has separated from me

I hope it travels through your eyes into you,

I hope it unravels you like your words traced and

unraveled me under that distant lost moon

Can you forgive this intrusion?

You, who have always been as wide as the ocean,

As deep as the horizon,

As far reaching as the sun.

I wish you overcome your fears,

An let my soul entangle with yours,

If it is colour you are searching for, worry not

This soul of mine carries with it colourful flowers from the garden of my dreams,

One day soon, the petals from these flowers will

shower on you with this light unknown.

I winder and hope that it leaves some of me in you,

And brings some of you,

When it crawls back into me.


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