Regrets, why?

Updated: Jul 30, 2018

R E G R E T S?

I assume why?

You chose a wrong career option?

You regret.

You chose a wrong relationship?

You regret.

You chose passion over education and couldn't contain success?

You regret.

You made a wrong decision ?

You regret.

You pinched yourself in something new, and caught problems?

You regret.

You bumped into someone, unworthy?

You regret.

You chose to wear an attire, which they said would provoke him, and got assaulted ?You regret.

You chose to wear your opinions over their's 'log kya kahenge?

'You regret.

You chose to be yourself over the melodramatic society?

You regret.

Pause. Think. And now listen.

Did you ever know the consequences before choosing your choices?

Or did your stars warn you before all the mistakes you committed?

Or did your horoscope tell you not to pursue certain undertakings?

No. Right?

Then why regrets are often credited and your experiences are debited?

You never knew whether you were born for engineering or designing.

You never knew the man/woman you showered love upon, would wipe you out from their life.

You failed once but you never knew that success is a long way and demands hard work.

Conclusions and results were secondary, something you didn't know, yet you tried, and that would indicate your credibility .

Problems will make you tough and will influence the process of evolution.first sight gave you the right impression and so you nodded 'yes' because bondings don't approve foresightedness.

It wasn't your clothes it was his provoking thoughts, society's prejudices was his weapon not your cleavage or hint of your thighs.

Probably you faced scars and they got words to harass you, but 'logo ko nhi pata ' that scars means survival and enhancement of your strength.Regretting for being yourself? Kidding me?

Their notions are hypothetical but accumulation of your experiences isn't,they are your reality.

It's okay to fall and Fly.

It's okay to hurt and heal.

It's okay to fail and fulfill.

It's okay to cry and cackle.

It's okay to lapse and learn.

It's okay to drown and develop.

It's okay to screw-up and sort.

It's okay to struggle and succeed.

It's OKAY.


-Lovely Singhvi

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